Mantra Meditation

We teach and practice mantra meditation, the simple and effective technique of focusing the mind on transcendental mantras. It is an ancient, time-tested process that can be applied by anyone, regardless of cultural background or religious affiliations. Simply by hearing and chanting these transcendental mantras we can find an oasis from life’s stress and anxiety, discover who we are, and experience inner happiness.

Mantra meditation is an active type of meditation in which you use your senses to assist you in your practice. You redirect your natural tendencies (hearing, chanting, moving) rather than trying to artificially suppress them. This makes mantra meditation a very pleasant and natural practice. Mantra meditation is done in connection with breathing, beads or music, and can be relaxing or enlivening according to your mood.

We do not mindlessly repeat just any words. We use transcendental sounds. Transcendental means eternal. These mantras are eternal sound vibrations. They are not temporary like everything else in this world. They are eternal and spiritual, just like us.

As special as they are, these mantras are never sold. They have been shared freely since time immemorial. How can you put a price on something spiritual? This is why we make all our meditation classes free of charge or by donation – with no strings attached.

The best way to appreciate meditation is to practice it. Join us for an introduction workshop and you will be surprised to see how easy it is to add meditation to your life!

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