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We offer free meditation workshops, kirtan, yoga asana classes, day retreats, and other activities in the Ottawa, Gatineau, and Wakefield areas.

The casual, welcoming atmosphere is a great place to make new friends.

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A solitary chant,
Echoed in harmony,
Calming the heart,
Bringing stability.

Together we share,
Our voices in unity,
Relax and meditate,
A concert of tranquility.

Gabriel Kennedy

J’ai bien aimé mon expérience. Je suis bien détendue, c’est une session que je recommande à tous.


This meditation session using mantra was a very welcoming way for a beginner like me to be exposed to meditation. The Simply Meditation team was great!

Kristine Houde

Our Teachers

Maha25 years exp.

While traveling in 1993, Maha came in contact with the practice of mantra meditation and the teachings of Bhakti Yoga. She was fascinated to learn that meditation can become a way of life, and improve every facet of one’s existence. These teachings had a great impact on her, and she felt a natural desire to pass them on so others could also benefit from them. She started teaching meditation in Gatineau, and later in Ottawa, in an attempt to share these teachings and practices with the community. She now resides in Mont-Tremblant where she continues to teach and practice meditation.

Stéphane10 years exp.

Stephane has been practicing mantra meditation since 2006. Since the first time he came into contact with the chanting of transcendental sound, his desire has been to share this practice, and the wisdom behind it, with everyone he meets. Having gained deep insights and the experience of real happiness from applying Vedic knowledge in his daily life, his desire to share the beautiful path of Bhakti Yoga with others continues to increase.

Marie20 years exp.

Namaste dear friends, my name is Marie. It is my pleasure to share the wonderful process of mantra meditation with you. The beautiful sacred mantras have filled my life with happiness for more than 20 years now. I deeply believe that the practice of meditation can be beneficial to everyone. If you need to contact us by phone or email, I will be happy to answer any of your questions. Yours sincerely, Marie.

Mathura20 years exp.

Mathura lives in Gatineau with his wife and three children where he practices and teaches mantra meditation and yoga wisdom. He encourages anyone who wants to know their real identity, find deeper purpose in live, and understand the cause and solution to the suffering in the world to carefully study, consider, and apply the ancient teachings of yoga in their personal lives. He often speaks at the Sunday night kirtans, offering common-sense insights into the problems and challenges we all face.

Chakrapani20 years exp.

Born and raised in Quebec and Calgary, Chakrapani left Canada in 1995 on her quest for truth and spiritual happiness. She found what see was looking for and returned last year from Hawaii with her husband and three kids and a lot of life experience. While her full time job is being a mother, she manages to make new friends wherever she goes and is able to share the ancient wisdom of yoga with people in a way that is very personal, practical, and easy to understand.

Mohan, Simply Meditation Teacher
Mohan25 years exp.

Mohan’s spiritual path started in his late teens when he began to ask the deep questions of life such as, “Who am I? What is the purpose of my existence? Is there an absolute truth?” He found the answers by studying the Vedic scriptures and practicing mantra meditation under the guidance of a self-realized spiritual teacher. He practices mantra meditation daily with his family and is known for his captivating storytelling and deep understanding of the Vedas.

Sharing these teachings and practices is our humble attempt to pass on the invaluable gift we have received.
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